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see you again

this day i have been thinking,

about all the magic i have seen,

and the best is you frozen in my mind,

i have to see you again..

there u sat, legs well crossed,

arms well folded,

hips well,uuummmm.. yeah..

face calm with hidden anticipation,

like a dash of fresh morning there i saw,

you sitting calm..

life has not been ease for me,

the frozen image of you on my mind,

thanx for the picture..

now let me see you again.

i have to see you again before i self destruct,

if i have to hunt you down , i will,

just let me see you again

Now come out of my dreams and into my world
Hey, honey, come inside this soul
Wherever you are, reveal yourself and understand
If I don’t have you, there’s nothing left.

now let me see you again

before it hits one

let me see you again before your river dries,

let me see you again 


i believe in angels

i believe i angels,

yes i do,

i have met a few and you have too,

i am one and so are you too,

i believe in angels,

they are of pure beauty and lovely soul,

generate heavenly love

give the best hugs and have the softest of voices

i do believe in angels,

sent from above,

i have a guardian angel,

she watches over me and hold my hands in tough times,

she makes me feel safe in tricky moments

i  have a happy angel

who makes sure my smile never fades

i have a caring angel who keeps tabs of all my good friends

she makes sure i never loose the good ones,

and warn me of the bad ones,

i have an angel i believe in,

she protects my parents and sister’s

friends and not sure of my enemies,

the loved ones in my life too,

i believe in angels,

sent from above,

of unrivaled beauty, petal soft skin, breeze soft voice, with a round white crown

over their heads, my angels come with wings, soft wings,

and they are very adorable,

i am afraid of talking more of my angels,

for i don’t want to be tempted to hit on one of my angels..

but yes..

i believe in angels…

please don’t hit on my angels… they are all i believe in… AngelsImage

i just sit and write

i used to look for a perfect spot,

preferably under a nice tree

and just enjoy the shade..

at times i would carry my ka note book,

the now lil pencil my mom bought for me,

i would take em out of my pockets,

and blow off the cookie crumbles and lil nuts

off them,

..i would coil my legs and hold my pencil,

place the ka lil book on my laps,

and just write..

i just sat and wrote..

i just sit and write,

as i enjoy the nice afternoon breeze,

as i respond to the leaves from the wind..

my only fear was,

if a ripe mango would land on my head

right before my dry mouth..

i just wrote..

now i just sit and write..

this concrete jungle of modern life,


i grab my Ipad, laptop,Smart ass phone,

and write.

i just sit and write anywhere,

when am in the mood of words,

i sit in coffee places,public transport,private rides,

my lil office, my ka crib, on my bed,

i sometime lay lazy on my couch,

my sister’s couch-i love the tea brewed in your house Rose,

Rose is my sister, a lovely lady to be precise.

i just sit and write,

at times we compare notes with my skinny pal- Alingling.

Alingling is my best buddy Amb Olunga Otieno.

as i sit and just write,

the only thing am worried about is not the mango,

but a piece of building stone hitting my mind..

yes i just sit and write..

and i love how my fingers are involved,

my mind come up with the words,

my lips just bend in a smile,

my heart pounding with happiness..

as i …

i… just.. sit… and.. write…

……… Inc…..

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